Management Review Subscription Method

Chinese Version

Taiwan(One Year):

Individual Subscriber: NT$1,000 for one-year subscription.

Institutional Subscriber: NT$2,000 for one-year subscription.

China(One Year):

Individual Subscriber: RMB$300 for one-year subscription.

Institutional Subscriber:RMB$600 for one-year subscription.

Countries other than Taiwan and China(One Year):

Person US$. 100(Postage Included)

Institution US$. 200(Postage Included)

(Subscribers residing outside of Taiwan should contact Kung-Hwa Management Foundation first for more information on payment amount and method.)

Before Subscription, Please Send Inquiry to

Regarding to Remittance for more information on payment amount and method.

Please include the following list of information in the communications section of the Giro slip, in order to ensure speedy and smooth processing:

Type of Subscription: □Individual □Institutional

Length of Subscription:


Business Registration Code:

Title of Receipt:


Name of Institution:

Phone Number:

If you have any questions regarding subscription methods, please contact the foundation via email, at